Friday, June 22, 2012

Make Money With Clickbank

I make about $3,000 a month through affiliate programs and similar means (AdSense), I write about it at making money tips with some of it coming from the Clickbank Affiliate Program.

If you've already dabbled in affiliate marketing, but not come across Clickbank before you'll know most affiliate schemes offer a small percentage of the sale, many below 10%! Amazon for example which I've sold over $400,000 worth of products for starts at only 4% share (I've made $33,000 from Amazon from all those sales!!).

Clickbank products share up to 75% to the affiliate (that's you) and so a relatively small number of sales can make a hell of a lot more than you can make from an affiliate like Amazon.

I started with Amazon about 2005 I think, with Clickbank 2008.

Amazon sales over $400,000
Clickbank sales about $26,000

Amazon earnings : ~$33,000
Clickbank earnings : ~$13,000

Most of the Clickbank products I promote (and it's only a handful) give a 50% share.

If you do the Maths you can see if Amazon had the same share as Clickbank I'd have made an extra ~$170,000 (that's our mortgage paid)!!!!

For me to make $400,000 of sales with Amazon I had multiple sites running tens of thousands of Amazon product pages (used their XML feed to generate clones of Amazon which are now penalised in Google etc...). To make $26,000 worth of sales for Clickbank I added a handful of product reviews to a few sites, pretty much ten important pages made the vast majority of the sales.

I wrote a little about Clickbank here: Clickbank Affiliate Program you can see I've only made an extra $2,000 from Amazon since writing that page two years ago, that's because Google absolutely hates thin affiliate site like cloned Amazon stores.